Kristen Kemp

Breakfast at Bloomingdale’s

My favorite, most frivolous adventure inspired by my love of sewing. (Buy Breakfast at Bloomingdale’s here. Or here where you can read reviews.)

Kat’s come to New York City with a dream: to be a big fashion designer and to see her name on a label in Bloomingdale’s. When she was stuck Upstate, she imagined a city paved in Prada . . . but the reality wasn’t quite so fashionable. All she needed was a big move. There, she found friends to be made, boys to be flirted with, and amazements to be found. She only gets sidetracked when her hick boyfriend from home comes to the city to try to reclaim her. Will Kat finally find her place? Will she find the right people who have her back?

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  1. Shirley says:

    I absolutely love this book! When i reached the end i felt like i wanted to read more. I would love to see a sequel to this book to see where Cat ends up with her fashion dream.

  2. Riley says:

    I love this book “Breakfast at Bloomingdale’s.” Its full of adventure as she wonders around NYC. Its a book you cant set down. Your constantly wondering whats going to happen next. Theres a wonderful character in the book, I like how this book hits the reader with saddness as her “Nina” dies. All in all, its a book you all should read!

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