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Genny in a Bottle: The Series

Genny in a Bottle, books 1 through 4, were my first set of novels for middle grade readers. I wrote about a genie named Genny who helped kids work out their problems while having fun. If a child was in a pickle, then poof!, Genny would show up. Although she was a genie with good intentions, she has a mischievous side of her own. To keep kids out of boy drama and friendship triangles, she had to stay out of trouble herself.

Genny in a Bottle: How to be Popular Without Losing Your Mind

Genny in a Bottle: What to do When Your Best Friend Hates You

Genny in a Bottle: Twelve Ways to Trick Your Biggest Enemy

Genny in a Bottle: How to Create the Boy of Your Dreams

4 Responses

  1. g. says:

    these books are so great! do you ever think you will write more?

  2. Knadia says:

    I’m too old for these books now, but I still think they’re funny and interesting. I wish there were more than just four!

  3. Akima says:

    i love the book but i still wish there was a movie form to it and exactly every detail from the book

  4. CAMILA G says:

    HELLO! : } i LOOOVE YOUR BOOKS, *but* I was woundering if you would take a suggestion, would you make a 5fh book?/ This is one of thodse books where there so ~good~ you justt cant get inough of them!! Ithink it could be about someone a bit problemed, always drenot paying attension much but sweet witha hint of trubblesome with a little mischive, Trying to get revenge/vengance.
    Tell me what you think
    from, camila PS.if u can text ne back on the email above, Stupid sounding, isn’t it??

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