Kristen Kemp

Genny in a Bottle: The Series

Genny in a Bottle, books 1 through 4, were my first set of novels for middle grade readers. I wrote about a genie named Genny who helped kids work out their problems while having fun. If a child was in a pickle, then poof!, Genny would show up. Although she was a genie with good intentions, she has a mischievous side of her own. To keep kids out of boy drama and friendship triangles, she had to stay out of trouble herself.

Genny in a Bottle: How to be Popular Without Losing Your Mind

Genny in a Bottle: What to do When Your Best Friend Hates You

Genny in a Bottle: Twelve Ways to Trick Your Biggest Enemy

Genny in a Bottle: How to Create the Boy of Your Dreams

5 Responses

  1. g. says:

    these books are so great! do you ever think you will write more?

  2. Knadia says:

    I’m too old for these books now, but I still think they’re funny and interesting. I wish there were more than just four!

  3. Akima says:

    i love the book but i still wish there was a movie form to it and exactly every detail from the book

  4. CAMILA G says:

    HELLO! : } i LOOOVE YOUR BOOKS, *but* I was woundering if you would take a suggestion, would you make a 5fh book?/ This is one of thodse books where there so ~good~ you justt cant get inough of them!! Ithink it could be about someone a bit problemed, always drenot paying attension much but sweet witha hint of trubblesome with a little mischive, Trying to get revenge/vengance.
    Tell me what you think
    from, camila PS.if u can text ne back on the email above, Stupid sounding, isn’t it??

  5. Johnell Diaz says:

    Hello Ms. Kemp, I recently read your Genny in a Bottle book series recently, and even though I’m not within the age or gender demographic that this series is aimed for, I still found your books to being delightfully fun and quirky for a middle grade book series. Although, despite not being with the aforementioned age or gender group for this book series, the series itself is contemporary to the time period that it was released in as I was able to get understand the references presented considering that I was born during the 1990’s since I can’t say for sure if modern readers would understand the featured references; such as with Nick at Nite, CD players, cassette tape, and Madonna. It would interesting if there was a new book that took place in current times in which I could see Genny making comments about kids being desensitized by modern technology and young girls being obsessed with vampire romance novels. In addition, it would be great to see how the protagonists from the previous books have been doing in term of getting a glimpse of their adult lives and how successful they have been since it was mentioned that every child that Genny has helped have gone on to becoming famous. If I were to rank the books in the order of best to least best, my ranking would be for books 4, 1, 2, & 3. Anyways, I just wanted to share my thoughts on your book series and the fun I had reading them.

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