Kristen Kemp

I Will Survive

Writing this book was pure fun and excitement. It’s for all the times I wanted to take revenge, but of course, didn’t. (Buy I Will Survive here. Read more here.)

Poor Ellen. Her boyfriend is cheating on her … with her best friend. Her other (male) best friend is in love with her when he really shouldn’t be. Her beauty queen sister is on a rampage. And her mom is having an affair with one of her teachers. At first, Ellen wants to climb into bed and never get out again. Then she decides she’s not going to take this all lying down. She’s out for revenge — a very comic revenge, with some very unintended consequences. This is Fay Weldon for teens — a fun, sassy look at making it through high school with your heart in one piece.

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  1. Kenia says:

    I loved this book. I read it a couple years back and enjoyed every single part of it. I, as well, wish I could take revenge on some people at my high school, but I keep it all to myself. I guess this book gave me some sort of liberty because somebody else’s life ended well as she took revenge.

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