Kristen Kemp

Need August Downtime

I’m the new books reviewer and blogger for Parents Magazine and If you’re not busy watching the Olympics, please check out my new column called Mom Must Read. The job is super cool. It requires a lot of reading. But the upside is that I get all of these free books. Who cares about the lottery?

Currently, I have 1,340 books to review. By Monday. But it’s all good. I still have time to catch up on Season 1 of Justified at night.

And Publisher’s Weekly has been running my YA reviews, too. Check out what I had to say about Over You and Smart Girls Get What They Want. I would call them adorbs, but using a word like adorbs is so not me.

I’m a lucky and busy girl. I considered myself blessed even though my eyes kind of hurt.

I’m also working on creating my own Tumblr account called Kristen Kemp Word Gangster. But I’m not really sure why. What’s Tumblr for again?

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  1. Congrats on the new gig, Kristen. I’m in awe of your productivity!

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