Kristen Kemp

The Dating Diaries

A book that was inspired by my hometown of Jeffersonville, Indiana, which is right outside of Louisville, Kentucky. (Buy The Dating Diaries here. Read more about it here.)

Ten dates. Five weeks. A buoyant and observant PUSH comedy about having a long-term relationship end — and discovering what life is like outside of it.

Katie James has been dating Paul for the past five years, since the seventh grade. Then, as the prom approaches, he dumps her. The last time she was on her own, she was wearing a training bra. Now she’s about to see what life is like without Paul — and what it’s like to date. She makes a resolution — she will date ten guys in five weeks, making up for all the time she wasted with Paul. But nothing goes quite the way she plans. Dating is difficult — and difficult can be both fraught and fun. Katie’s about to find out what she’s been missing…and how to be herself without a guy.

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  1. quadaiza says:

    i love this book and i need to know is there going to be a part two

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