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Today is Gloriously Unproductive

This morning, my writing to-do list was full. I was going to finish two blog posts, wrap up a Facebook group project and work on a plot for this teen novel I’m cooking up. I felt rested and inspired. Today was going to be a good writing day.

Then I decided to go to yoga.

Nearly every morning after preschool drop offs, I head to one of the local gyms. Yoga is usually a precursor to thoughtful writing. But it wasn’t today. We had to pick a word to focus on at the beginning of class. I realized I was getting antsy just thinking about everything I wanted to accomplish. I decided to think of the word calm as we went through our vinyassas.

I think it got me a little too calm. After class, I got into a two-hour discussion with a friend about everything from Obama-care torte reform to preschool enrichment programs. As for writing, I didn’t do squat.

But I did clear my head. I did work out a few kinks in that plot while I was doing other seemingly mindless stuff. Sometimes the best writing days are when I’m not writing.

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  1. I’m a newbie. Just finished my first book and a friend mentioned your name. So we’re writers. At least you are. I dabble. I’m working with my son who became a book publisher overnight or after he read a few chapters of my book. You’re a full grown “warrior woman” and I’m pleased to meet you. Not much good with my web-site yet but you’re welcome to give it a glance. Sincerely and all that, Lucille

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