Kristen Kemp

Articles I’ve Written

For the past 15 years, I’ve written for several national publications such as Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Self, Men’s Health, Marie Claire, American Baby, Publisher’s Weekly and The New York Daily News. I’ve also posted hundreds of blogs–reported pieces, humor and essays. Below, I’ve posted several examples of my work.

Ghosts of a Memoir, Publisher’s Weekly

Managing Christmas Chaos, American Baby

Increase Your Brainpower, All You

Weighing In: Special Report, Girls’ Life

CafeMoms Join Nicole Kidman to Stop Violence Against Women, CafeMom

Gym Confessions: Girl, You Stink, CafeMom

What are Stem Cells?, CafeMom

Uncover Your Sensual Side, Cosmopolitan

Do You Need a Vitamin? Find Out Here, Glamour

It’s Anything But Calm Before Prom, New York Daily News

A Tribute to Rocky and MauriceBarista Kids

Montclair Board of Education: Final BudgetBarista Kids

The Worst Morning Sickness EverBarista Kids

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  2. I really love the template you have on this blog. Is it a premium one available to buy or can it be downloaded for free? Perhaps you had it custom coded, either way, it’s professional!

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